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Aesthetic dentistry

The field of aesthetic dentistry not only deals with white fillings or crowns, it rather serves to create the perfect illusion of healthy intact teeth with the help of composites and ceramics. The new materials combined with our long-standing experience in the area of aesthetic reconstruction allow impressive treatment results.

Modern age light-curing resins (composites), which are pasted into the teeth with a special layer technology, enable us to reproduce destroyed teeth true to the original avoiding crowns and the grinding of healthy dental hard substance. Composites are used to reconstruct small and middle defects nearly invisibly. The quality of such a filling is dependent on the kind of composites being used and their processing.

If bigger defects exist, ceramics are often used for the restoration of the teeth. Ceramics are produced individually in the dental laboratory and require a close collaboration between dentist and dental technicians who understand their work as an art.

Especially for the incisors patients often wish to change the shape and position of their healthy teeth for aesthetic reasons. Veneers made out of composite or ceramics can be used to correct shape and position in a highly aesthetic and minimally invasive way.

Complicated cases of treatment require sometimes more than only the aesthetic restoration of the teeth themselves as the gums form a unity together with the teeth. If the gingiva is too prominent while laughing or shows a strong irregularity, we can create an aesthetic gums correction by plastic gingival surgery, the so-called “Hollywood smile surgery”. This way, together with the restoration of the teeth afterwards, an excellent result can be reached.