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Welcome to the homepage of our dental clinic

In our office every patient is treated equally and the way we would also treat our families, friends, employees or also ourselves.

The modern dental medicine is a very broad field and it is impossible for a dentist to cover all subspecialties following the current scientific knowledge. Therefore I’m glad to offer my focal points of activity implantology and periodontics with specialized colleagues like Dr. Marta Siodmok (endodontics), Stefanie Schönmuth (aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics), Alexa Zahn (aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics) and Igor Mechkarov (aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics).

The clinic is led in corporation with Dr. Jan Bek (specialist for internal medicine and anesthesiology). This cooperation between doctors and dentists within a common practice, which is unique in Berlin, allows not only a holistic therapy for our patients but also dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Sincerely, Dr. Gregor Chmiel