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The endodontology, the therapy of sick roots, was revolutionized during the last years. Nowadays we are able to preserve teeth which would have to be extracted earlier, above all thanks to the research projects of colleagues in the USA.
To be able to apply these modern methods it requires a special equipment of the practice and an extensive additional education of the dentist. We are glad to be able to offer you such equipment which corresponds to the standards of American professional dentists for endodontics.

As one of very few practise’s we are equipped with three operation microscopes. The treatment is carried out by our certificated endodontologists Dr. Marta Siodmok and Stefanie Schönmuth. They exclusively treat root canals and belong to the few dentists in Germany treating more than 1000 canals per year endodontically. Therefore, during the last years we have almost always succeeded in preserving a root-treated tooth permanently.

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