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Dental loss is no stroke of fate, but can be avoided. The main reason for tooth loss in adult age is the periodontosis, the inflammation of the periodontal apparatus. Nowadays it is known that this disease appears as an infectious disease with genetic predisposition.

Today, fortunately, we are able to bring the illness to a halt. The therapy encloses bacteriological investigations, treatments of the periodontium as well as regular professional prophylaxis done by educated assistants.

Aesthetic problems linked to this disease, like shrinkage of the gums or an irregular gum line, can be treated by options guaranteeing the restoration of the original appearance.. These procedures, for many years successfully carried out in the USA, are called “plastic periodontal surgery”.

Prof. Raetzke – I was favored by fortune to be taught by him – contributed substantially to the advancement of the plastic periodontal surgery, while he was the first to describe the technology of the connective tissue transplant with the aim of an aesthetic improvement of the gums.